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7 ways to known your dog is pregnant

7 ways to known your dog is pregnant

7 ways to know your dog is pregnant

1. Appetite

Dog commonly loses their weight midway through a pregnancy. not all dogs experience this loss of appetite, but when it does happen, it’s usually around the three-week mark.

2. Vaginal Discharge

Pregnant dogs often experience increased vaginal discharge around four weeks into their pregnancy. if your pregnant dog experiences significant vaginal bleeding, or the middle part of pregnancy, seek Venetian help.

3. Energy Level

It is common For a pregnant dog to become less active during her pregnancy at any point during the gestation period, you may notice your dog spends more time resting she may seem to be depressed.

4. Abdomen

As puppies grow inside a pregnant dog her abdomen will become enlarged. in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, an enlarged abdomen is one of the most obvious signs that a dog is expecting puppies. forty days into pregnancy, your dog may have 20 to 55 % more bodyweight than before she was pregnant.

 5. Dog pregnancy test

You can buy a home pregnancy test for your dog. this should be purchased from a veterinarian. Human Pregnancy tests are not accurate for dogs.

6. Ultrasounds Scan

Your veterinarian can use an ultrasound scan to detect pregnancy as soon as four weeks after mating. The ultrasound can detect the presence of growing puppies inside your dogs.

7. Relaxin Test

Relax is a hormone that is present at high levels when a dog is pregnant. Between 21 and 25 days into your dog’s pregnancy, a veterinarian contests to elevate relaxing levels and make the Pregnancy diagnosis from this result.

Some other signs to know your dog is pregnant 

The first thing you need to note is that you’re not going to see any signs until about the third week of pregnancy dogs are typically pregnant for about nine weeks. The first trimester is there three weeks you’re probably not going to notice any signs before that time.

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